We will help you find the best fitting solutions for your organization.

Every organization has different requirements for any given service or application. Part of the process of getting the best match between your requirements and a given solution, requires assembling a list of requirements. We can help you establish a requirements list with a longer horizon for a given solution.

For instance, if you’re looking for a Remote Access (RA) solution to accommodate users logging into their Corporate workstations from home or while on the road, and also want to ensure that any machine connecting to your internal network is up-to-date from an Operating System (OS) patch level perspective, your RA solution must provide for this client OS patch level review.

Virtualization allows one physical server to support multiple “virtual” machines. A given Virtual machine (VM) shares the resources of the physical server (Processors, RAM, Storage, Network Interfaces, etc…) to whatever degree has been configured for the VM.

This reduces the amount of physical hardware required to support your IT Services, and also increases the utilization of that physical hardware.


For most projects, using a Proof-of-Concept (PoC) provides a better understanding of the benefits of a given solution. A PoC also allows you to tweak the solution to better fit your organization.

These types of investigations can quickly be implemented using Virtualization and/or Cloud-based Services.

Cloud-based Services and Infrastructure can reduce costs and management efforts.

For instance, using a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) application means you don’t have to manage any of the underlying infrastructure or Operating Systems.

Using Cloud-based Infrastructure provides a number of benefits, such as increased resiliency and redundancy by having resources hosted outside of your existing Datacenter.

In many cases, managing a given Service, but NOT managing the underlying infrastructure, reduces the overall cost of the Service (as in a Cloud-based Service).

Or it may be that managing the Service and infrastructure internally reduces those costs.